10 Days on the Road, Part 1

10 days on the Road with ARI & VRS

This is a story of trucks, cars, crews, enthusiasts & FUN!! Savannah, GA - Hilton Head, SC - San Antonio, Texas’ superb Circuit of the Americas all done within the same 10 day window…Let’s take it a day at a time as it unfolded: October 29th & November 8th, 2017. Time well spent is time enjoyed: Results & Rewards…please read on!!

A Cast of Cars and Characters, The V.R.S. Racers' Reunion 2017 It all started in the ‘80s – here we see some of our now retired racers at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix …Memories abound!

Genesis. We could say we were “embarrassed” into this event. At one social event with our drivers after the next this notion of “reunion” came up. “You guys have to do it” was the oft-repeated retort … and so WE DID!! Vintage Racing Services has been restoring, preparing and supporting vintage race cars and a great group of drivers since the mid 1980s. Lots of pals made over all the years and we’re still at it. Fall 2017 turned out to be the perfect time to gather and share all those great years among friends … with some high speed antics ... of course!

Monday is Setup day: 2PM – VRS Crew and trucks all arrive @ Roebling Road in Bloomingdale, GA, just a short drive from downtown Savannah; cars out, tents up and soon we are set to go for Tuesday speed and sport. Here we see the array of machinery. A highlight: Archie’s truly terrific Ferrari 250 GT SWB and Aston Martin DB3s tribute that he trailered up from Florida to join in the fun. Roebling Road track manager Jack Abbot and the whole track crew took great care of us …huge thanks to all.

Tuesday AM…not too early! The sun rose awhile ago. drivers meet & sip, Kent speaks and the VRS crew gets things ready … and started.

Tuesday AM until our leisurely 12:30 Sandfly BBQ lunch was practice, practice and more practice. Some in driver’s own cars and others in VRS rental racers. Archie stuck to his race retirement but did some FAST touring in his Ferrari & Aston Martin. Some of these guys had not been on a track in over 15 years. Racer’s rust removal was job one! Only one “Ooops” – Photo right tells all.

The real race with grid based on lap times was Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s All Comers Race. Above left we see the start then in the large photo Alex Heckert & Corvette are already gone. Toward mid-race Brian Rechtiene in the VRS Swift takes the lead from Heckert (photo right) then they finish 1-2. Some good racing and not a wheel off (for long) either day. Driving was both skilled and courteous throughout. Well done drivers……and thanks, we had lots to lose.

And there was more, much more: Practice-races-touring-enduros & fine frosty libations at day’s end! Good times relived.

Catch that car? Student-Teacher? The Relay Ridiculous Race? Our formula for entertainment on and off track with lots to discuss among drivers and crew post race! Catch Larry might just be the right post script.

Reunion ambience was wonderful. Weather, pace and road manners were just right and we had lots to fuel reminiscing. Thanks Molly…for the great lunches, our logo, the jackets, shirts and all that organization – it all worked well and you certainly should be pleased!!

REWARDS: The Smiles tell the tale…Reunion enjoyed and so worth it ... We are glad to have been cajoled into producing & hosting the VRS Racer’s Reunion 2017!! Thanks to all .. Viva La Reunion!!

ARI’s Oliver Morris did not return from reunion with the other truckers…but he wasn’t lost! Just 3 short days later Oliver is encamped at Hilton Head, SC, for the Hilton Head Concours d ’Elegance. In the trailer after enjoying its visit to Roebling Road is Pamela Gores’ 1928 Rolls-Royce PI Playboy Roadster. ARI restored this car for the Gores well over two decades ago and it is indeed a pleasure to see it still enjoyed, looking wonderful and out for a jaunt with our support. Left, Grandson Gabe Gilligan wheels Springfield RR # S106 PM into place. Right, the judges have a good, close look. More on this car and its history can be found at: Atlantic Lady Story

RESULT: Above Left, Pam and The Playboy Roadster relax while Judges judge, results are reviewed and then, to Pam’s, Gabe’s and Oliver’s delight, an award is to be presented. As Gabe said, “equally as much for Pam’s enthusiasm as the car,” but well-deserved on all counts. S106 with Gabe at the drive-up to receive the William F. Hilton Award.

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